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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, the most accurate and widely used speech recognition software in the healthcare industry, enables physicians to quickly generate, safely store and easily manage medical documents. The revolutionary software is fully compatible with electronic health record (EHR) systems, saving physicians time by eliminating the need to transcribe recorded notes. In fact, instantly converting voice to text is three times faster than typing alone, helping to increase efficiency in any medical practice. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 also allows physicians to create customized templates and commands that make it easier to complete patient records. It is a natural choice for any clinician.

The ‘narrative format’ gives physicians the ability to describe encounters with patients in plain speech, including descriptions of present illness, symptoms, and physical examinations. This software is perfect for physicians, nurses, physical therapists and other clinicians.

Currently, sales opportunities in the medical industry are booming, and businesses that choose to support Nuance Healthcare’s industry-leading speech recognition solutions are sure to establish, maintain, and improve their positions in the market.

The largest distributor for speech recognition products and considered the best wholesale distributor for Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, eDist Business is positioned as the ‘top of mind’ solution by resellers when it comes to exceptional distribution, Dragon Medical Practice Edition Software training, and Nuance Healthcare marketing support.  Partnering with eDist Business is the easiest way to expand a thriving business.


Apple Mac


Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac

Medical Professionals who use Apple products on a Mac platform can also expect to enjoy a high level of performance when speech-enabling their EHR system. Likewise, Mac users now have the capacity to generate clinical documentation that is 99% accurate with regional accent recognition and more comprehensive. The resulting environment is one that creates meaningful use of the EHR and increased reimbursements. Dragon® Dictate Medical for Mac is certain to increase productivity in medical practices of 24 physicians or less.

Mac users are known for demanding only the very best from their software and applications, which is precisely why Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac is designed for use with all Mac operating systems. The software is also fully compatible and is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing iOS apps. In short, it is sure to meet or exceed the expectations of loyal Mac users everywhere.


Dragon Dictate for Mac


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The quickest and easiest way to grow your business is selling and marketing new products to existing clients and reaching out to new, potential clients. You can expand your product line to include Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 software and other compatible technological solutions that physicians are looking for. Expanding product lines will attract more clients, allowing you to reach additional markets.

eDist encourages its resellers to offer  products from well-known and established brands. This allows resellers a chance to develop a business from the ground up and truly cater to the needs of today’s medical professionals. Don’t wait! Partner with eDist Business and tap into the booming healthcare industry.

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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2
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eDist Professional Services

eDist Professional Services

As a value added distributor of Nuance Healthcare products such as Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, we provide your organization with access to professional services that will allow your organization to sell services covering IT discovery, work flow design, speech recognition deployment, hardware integration and client training services. With 40 years of product distribution experience, we’re prepared to partner with you to resell quality products to people who need them the most.

eDist Business encourages its resellers to concentrate on major markets and is dedicated to providing industry leading products that are in demand. In addition, eDist Business will also help resellers with marketing, technical support and training. Call today and learn how eDist Business incorporates specialized training and cooperative business practices to help resellers grow and increase revenue.

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