About Dragon Medical Practice Edition

Doctors with headsets

Why resell health care products?

The Demand for healthcare technology is expanding. As a result, corporations such as Nuance, Olympus, and Philips are providing state-of-the-art solutions, which will help physicians to improve in efficiency and overall care. The increased demand provides an opportunity for resellers to partner with distributors such as eDist Business in order to find these needed solutions. Ideally, the increase in demand will result in increased revenue for resellers.

New government legislation has also prompted physicians to quickly transition to digital technology and electronic record databases. Consequently, physicians have begun shopping around for the best and most comprehensive voice recognition software to compliment these new systems. With so many physicians currently searching for speech recognition software and increased storage, now is the perfect time to become a Dragon Medical Practice Edition2 reseller.

Partner with eDist and become a reseller

Interested in becoming a value added reseller? eDist Business boasts more than 40 years of proven experience and excellence in the distribution business and has established positive relationships with dozens of vendors. Similarly, their commitment to distribute award-winning products at extraordinarily competitive prices is precisely the reason why resellers are lining to partner with eDist.

eDist Business works directly with resellers to guarantee substantial business by…

  • Providing marketing strategies that target specific markets
  • Offering technical support for resellers and end users
  • Offering specialized training on all products and services
  • Offering ongoing communication and support
  • Providing product advice and distribution from multiple warehouse locations across North America

Resellers are never alone with eDist Business as a partner. Call today and begin to grow a successful resale business with the help of eDist Business and its affiliates.