Dragon Medical Practice Edition and the HITECH Act

Doctors with headsetsWith the recent passing of the HITECH Act, physicians are required to take steps towards implementing an electronic health record (EHR) system in order to avoid government penalties. The HITECH Act is to guarantee swift transition to EHRs for all medical practices and protect patient confidentiality in the process. Incentives are provided for medical practices that make the transition sooner than later.

HITECH Act and Medical Technology

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 enables physicians to make the transition required by HITECH legislation with ease. When making the transition, physicians find that the Dragon Medical software not only allows for them to quickly implement a solution, but they also are finding major benefits from implementing the system.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Seamless integration of voice recognition software in EHR systems
  • Three times faster than transcribing notes and voice command functionality for hands-free functionality
  • Increased confidentiality and privacy for medical records with encryption settings for HIPPA compliance

Help Physicians Transition with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

Since the HITECH Act encourages physicians to switch to electronic-based records sooner rather than later, there has been an increased demand for products that integrate effectively with EHR systems. The increased demand is an opportunity to provide additional medical resources for physicians looking to make the transition.

Resellers who partner with eDist Business will be in a better position to provide these products and services to these physicians. Join today and begin expanding your business to meet the growing needs of your customers.