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Your Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Sales & Marketing Accelerator Kit contains everything you need to get you certified and ready to start selling Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.

Get Certification Training

The Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 certification course has been strategically developed over the last decade to offer thorough and in-depth product training for all aspects of the software. This nine-hour course is divided into three sessions consisting of beginner, intermediate and advanced. The course incorporates three primary learning styles to ensure highly effective and beneficial training.

Each session includes two hours of visual and auditory learning followed by one hour hands-on exercises. The training course will effectively prepare you for the certification exam, which is required by Nuance regardless of previous technical experience. Furthermore, all certification sessions are recorded and students may replay any section of the course as needed.

Dragon Medical Training - Beginner's

Day 1

Beginner’s Training Course

Learn the basics of headset use, user profile enrollment and microphone control concepts.

Dragon Medical Training - Intermediate

Day 2

Intermediate Training Course

Build on the basics with the introduction of special characters, vocabulary controls, ‘text-n-graphics’ macros and implementation of different recognition modes.

Dragon Medical Training - Advance

Day 3

Advanced Training Course

Review advanced topics and configurations and complete exercises that demonstrate the ability to manage the software.

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Get Support for Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 with Certified eSupport

Certified eSupport is an epicenter of talented engineers, instructors, trainers and network administrators who are dedicated to providing resellers and their customers with superior technical and educational support focused on speech recognition solutions.

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