Why Dragon Medical Practice Edition Is Growing In Popularity

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 Is the Industry Leader in Speech-Recognition Software

Dragon Medical Practice EditionGovernment legislation has mandated that medical practitioners switch to electronic health records (EHR’s) or electronic medical records (EMR’s) and Nuance has stepped in to help medical practitioners everywhere by offering Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 to medical practices with up to 24 practitioners. Since Nuance does not sell directly to the public, resellers are in a prime position to offer the leading speech-recognition software, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, to their clients. Resellers are watching their businesses expand exponentially when they offer their clients this incredible speech-recognition software.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Is the Natural Choice for Doctors Everywhere

Because Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 seamlessly integrates into existing EHR/EMR’s, the software has become the number one choice among clinicians everywhere who want the easiest, most compatible speech-recognition solutions. As a reseller, you can offer your current clients, and attract new clients, with all the benefits Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 has to offer, including:

  • 99% accuracy right out of the box, including regional accent recognition and a library of over 90 medical specialty and sub-specialty vocabularies
  • Built-in and customizable macros that help clinicians save even more time by not having to repeat common words and phrases, leading to better patient documentation and more time to spend with patients
  • Clinicians can use their own words to instantaneously create digital documentation for everything from patient records to billing information, cutting down or completely eliminating transcription costs and increasing reimbursement rates
  • Seamless integration with both PC- and Mac-based systems, nearly all dictation hardware, and iPhone and Android devices, which allow clinicians to dictate from anywhere, at any time
  • Fully HIPAA-compliant documentation that ensures the safety and security of patient documentation

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