The unique subscription model of Dragon® Medical One provides you with recurring monthly revenue through the life of the service agreement.

Your clients purchase Dragon Medical One directly from the ELM portal, but you can still offer white-glove service by setting up the order for them. ELM will collect all payments for the subscription, and eDist will provide your gross profits for all sales on a monthly basis.

Dragon Medical One is the healthcare industry’s leading cloud-based speech-recognition software for capturing the patient story. This portable, flexible, secure, and accurate app can boost medical staff efficiency for producing documentation–from any location–up to 45% faster.

Dragon Medical One is managed through the web-based administration portal, Nuance® Management Center (NMC). The NMC enables providers to share data, distribute licenses, and generate reporting—important for customer control and customer satisfaction.

There Are Two Different Approaches to
Selling the Dragon Medical One Cloud Solution:

Sales Agent

You focus on selling subscriptions while we handle the support and training. If you don’t have an extensive team, this option gives you the ability to sell big without worrying about customer maintenance.

Booster Shot Support

Increase revenue by providing the support and training yourself. If you choose this model, you still have the option to request assistance. For a nominal cost, we provide training and support for the duration of a customer’s initial subscription.

Why Resell Dragon Medical One?


Recurring Revenue Streams

Dragon Medical One is a subscription-based product, so you generate recurring revenue throughout the life of the contract, rather than a lump sum. Each new subscription includes an “implementation fee” to be paid by the client at the time of purchase. This means that you realize both short-term and long-term revenue with each new customer. Because of the overall price structure of a Dragon Medical One subscription, you have the potential to realize more revenue than with the boxed Dragon Medical Practice Edition.


Expanded Market Nuance

has expanded the market map for Dragon Medical One. As a channel partner, you are allowed to develop and close in the 1-49 provider space (a 100% increase in opportunity compared to the boxed Dragon Medical Practice Edition).


Subscription Management with the ELM Portal

The purchasing process for a Dragon Medical One subscription is markedly different than for the boxed Dragon Medical Practice Edition. Because of the market potential this solution represents, we built an entire online clearinghouse to manage the subscription portion of the sale. This web portal is called the eDist License Manager (ELM). Dragon Medical One customer orders will be made in ELM, and all subscriptions are managed in one convenient location.