Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac

A New Platform for

Speech Recognition

Dragon® Dictate Medical for Mac

Physicians who prefer using Apple products on the Mac platform are now able to experience the seamless integration of speech recognition technology with their current electronic health record (EHR) system. Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac is designed for use with any Apple operating system and is certain to offer the ultimate experience in speech recognition software.

Mac users are accustomed to an elite level of performance from their software solutions, and Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac is in no way different. Medical practices of up to 24 physicians currently using the Mac platform can start reaping the benefits from the same award-winning Dragon Medical speech recognition technology already being used by more than 200,000 clinicians worldwide.

Existing iOS applications, which are often highly prized by Mac enthusiasts, are also fully compatible with Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac.


Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac is also fully functional with existing iOS applications that are often precious commodities to the Mac enthusiast.


Enjoy increased productivity

Enjoy increased productivity with speech-to-text results that are more than 99% accurate right out of the box and an average of three times faster than manual typing.

Easy-to-use proofing tools and a powerful correction interface makes editing in Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac a breeze.

Fulfill "meaningful use criteria"

Fulfill “meaningful use criteria” for the achievement of higher reimbursement levels.

Enjoy increased practice volume and revenue by integrating Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac with their current EHR system.

Improve the effectiveness and overall quality of patient records thanks to more accurate and complete patient documentation.

Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac allows clinicians to speech-enable their EHR, create more efficient and profitable documentation, achieve higher reimbursement levels and dramatically reduce or eliminate transcription costs.


EHR Support: Better and more detailed patient documentation means clinicians can confidently code at higher levels.

Specialized Medical Vocabularies: Software includes more than 90 medically specific specialties and subspecialties with over 30,000 terms, which are specific to the practice of medicine.

Vocabulary Editor: Freely add terms or set parameters for words, which require alternative spelling (e.g. orthopedic vs. orthopaedic).

Faster, More Advanced Correction: Use a single window to easily correct individual words or phrases. Simply choose an alternate word, or ‘respell’ an existing word. Even ‘train’ new words.

Acoustic Models: Physicians need only dictate one time for accurate documentation.

Regional Accent Support: Supports many regional accents of non-native English speakers (such as Indian, Latino, or Southeast Asian), and other accents (such as Australian or American – Southern) in addition to UK English and US English.

Free-Text Dictation: Enables dictation of more detailed ‘History of Present Illness’, more flexible ‘Review of Symptoms’, and more descriptive ‘Assessment and Plan’.

Transcription of Recorded Speech: Eliminate the need for outsourced transcription. Clinicians can now easily transcribe their recorded audio files into text.

Secure Patient Information: Supports HIPPA confidentiality requirements.

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