Dragon® Medical Speech Recognition + Gynecology

Dragon® Medical Speech Recognition + Gynecology

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 and Dragon® Medical One are the key to personalized patient records, effective coding, and higher reimbursements for gynecologists.

Focus your efforts on the lucrative market of gynecology and obstetrics and introduce the speech recognition solution that recognizes every disease and medical or surgical therapy and procedure a gynecologist will ever speak about. Dragon Medical software has it all covered, from infertility to diagnostic laparoscopy. Finally, there’s voice recognition technology with specialized vocabularies to support the way gynecologists work.

Dragon Medical Speech Recognition gives gynecologists the power to represent the more consultative areas of each patient encounter in addition to creating more complete evaluation and treatment notes.

Dragon Medical One

Dragon® Medical One

Cloud and subscription-based medical speech recognition with all the benefits of the box version that physicians can access from anywhere.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4

99% accuracy right out of the box that incorporates over 90 specialty vocabularies with a wide range of customization options.

Increase EHR Adoption + Decrease Typing

Dragon Medical technology understands the language and intricacies specific to the practice of gynecology. Now, gynecologists can create customized voice commands that let them document more specific and personalized patient notes.

In addition, gynecologists can dictate letters, emails, and patient instructions all by voice to end the frustrations associated with typing and/or transcribing.

The Dragon Medical Difference


More Accurate Than Ever

Powered by a next generation speech engine, Dragon Medical speech recognition achieves 99% accuracy out-of-the-box without training.


Deep Learning Technology

Constant learning and adaption to unique voice and environmental variations—even during dictation— continuously improves transcription performance.


Superior Transcription

An enhanced transcription process improves accuracy while reducing the number of steps required to transcribe audio recordings.


Optimized for Touchscreens

Touch and keyboard interactions work seamlessly on highly mobile Windows 10 tablets or tablet-mode devices. Open and interact with the DragonBar by touch.


Newly Designed DragonBar

Designed for enhanced usability, the new DragonBar provides easy access to popular features and frees screen space with a movable, collapsible menu.


Medical Vocabularies

Tuned for the way clinicians speak, Dragon Medical includes vocabularies for over 90 medical specialties and sub-specialties.