Why Become a Reseller

Adding Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 to your product line is a sure way to add one lucrative revenue stream to your business. With the demand, market climate and profitability that comes with selling eDist Business products and service, you’ll be opening yourself up to new a new clientele and an ever-evolving industry. Below are just a few reasons why other resellers decided to partner with the wholesale distributor eDist in order to sell Nuance Healthcare products and services such as Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.

High Demand

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, the most widely used speech recognition software in the industry, is the dictation and documentation solution for over 180,000 physicians from around the world. As more and more medical practices are being compelled to adopt electronic health record (EHR) systems, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 will continue to provide seamless integration, enabling physicians to do more in less time. The technology is so fluid and intuitive that physicians will continue to demand the increased functionality and user-friendliness of the software.

Open Market

Nuance Healthcare market research conducted in February of 2012 indicated that 187,314 clinics and medical practices in the U.S. market alone have still not upgraded to Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2. This large, untapped marketing is fertile ground for reseller entry and eDist Business is poised to help them reach this market by implementing specific business and marketing strategies. As physicians begin to incorporate additional technology, resellers can expect to meet the demand of the growing market. In an open market with such high demand, the possibilities for resellers are endless.

Federal Stimulus Availability

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 provided approximately $30 billion toward the improvement of healthcare in the following ways:

  • Expansion of health IT
  • More training for primary care physicians
  • Research on chronic diseases
  • Community health centers
  • “Comparative Effectiveness” research

Current incentives for physicians are substantial, thus providing resellers with tremendous opportunities to quickly increase sales. Newly implemented legislation, such as the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Heath act (HITECH) which includes $19 billion for health information technology, is just one of the many reasons to start reselling today.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 meets all the standards set forth by the HITECH Act and is a turnkey solution for physicians needing to conform to the new legislation. The need for physicians to transition from outdated record keeping and transcription practices is not only necessary to improve patient care, it is also now required by law. Become a reseller today and take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to meet the new and surging demand for innovative healthcare technology.