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Dragon Medical Practice Edition

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 voice recognition software simplifies the transcription process and enables physicians to quickly, accurately and safely produce and store documents. The advanced voice recognition software utilizes ‘speech-to-text’ technology that can be entered directly into any electronic health record (EHR) system. Therefore, physicians no longer need to spend endless hours transcribing recorded speech into documents and saving those documents in their EHR system. Speech is far more natural than typing and is an average of three times faster than the traditional documentation process.

Benefits of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2:

  • Integrates with the latest applications on your computer making it easier to connect with all systems
  • Saves physicians an average of 30 minutes on their medical documentation within EHRs
  • Quickly interprets medical jargon with a vocabulary of over 30,000 medical terms
  • Developed for 90 medical specialties and subspecialties
  • Certified to be easy to use by the disabled

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 voice recognition software saves physicians so much time and effort that the product is exponentially growing in popularity. Simply put, Physicians are seeking to incorporate this software because it is more efficient, easier to use, and highly accurate. More than 180,000 physicians worldwide have already purchased the software and many more are ready to do so.

Meet the Increased Demand and Become a Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Reseller

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