Become a Nuance Reseller


Voice recognition technology, one of the greatest resources for physicians, is paramount in helping medical practices transition to electronic health record (EHR) systems. Nuance has produced multiple solutions for helping medical professionals improve documentation and storage. With the help of Nuance, physicians are finding solutions to adapt new technologies in conjunction with their EHR systems to streamline the workflow and increase efficiency.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 voice recognition software combined with a quality recording device, such as the Nuance PowerMic II, enable physicians to dictate text directly into an EHR system. The software is compatible with multiple applications including Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and numerous internet browsers. In essence, the entire computer can be controlled by a physician’s voice.

Nuance has developed Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 specifically for the needs of physicians. The highly impressive software incorporates the most accurate voice recognition technology with improved functionality and performance.

  • Physicians can have complete control through the use of voice commands and speech
  • Dictation is 3X faster than traditional methods of transcription
  • Over 30,000 medical terms and specialized vocabulary increase the speed of interpretation
  • 99% accurate with regional accent recognition and voice input quality detection

Why Become a Nuance Reseller?

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Become a reseller today and incorporate Nuance products into your existing product line for increased sales and revenue. Speak to a specialist today about how to become a Nuance Reseller.