Why resell health care products?

Dragon Medical Practice Edition

The healthcare industry is rapidly expanding and becoming increasingly more diverse, which is creating an unprecedented demand for new speech recognition solutions and products. In response to this demand, Nuance, the leading provider of speech recognition solutions, has developed top-ranked, industry-leading products, like Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2, to help everyone in the healthcare industry, from physicians to administrators, increase productivity and efficiency and become more patient-centered again.

Becoming an authorized reseller will allow your company to fulfill the demands of medical professionals everywhere, especially as they transition to digital technology and electronic medical databases as a result of recent government legislation that compels them to do so. As an authorized reseller of Nuance’s Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, your company will be poised for growth and at the forefront of speech recognition solutions for healthcare professionals.

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eDist Business has over 40 years of proven experience in wholesale distribution of speech recognition products and services. If you are considering becoming a certified reseller of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, a partnership with eDist Business, the leading wholesale distributor, can take you and your company to the top by offering competitive prices and a commitment to providing the best possible service to their resellers to foster long-term success and growth.

eDist Business works with resellers to guarantee substantial business growth by providing marketing strategies that target specific markets, offering technical support and specialized training for resellers and end users for the full range of products eDist Business provides, and providing product advice and distribution from a network of warehouses across North America. Your relationship with eDist Business does not stop after the product is delivered to you or your customers as we offer ongoing support, services, trainings, and more!