How eDist Helps Create New Markets For Technology Companies

The market for technology will never go away. Technology is such a major aspect of our lives, work and leisure. We use technology in just about everything we do, so it’s not going away. In fact, technology will only increase in ability and size. So the demand for technology will always be there and businesses can always cater to that market.

Who is eDist and what do they do?

eDist is a distributing company for major vendors of voice processing technology. These vendors do not sell directly to the consumers. Instead they sell to distributors that then sell to resellers that sell to consumers. It’s an interesting process but it allows the vendors to focus strictly on their products and developing them, while eDist and resellers focus on distribution and sales.

Since eDist is in the business to distribute technological resources from major vendors, they are able to begin numerous opportunities for business. Whether a business already supplies technology to consumers and wants to add more products or a business that wants to start by just reselling from these vendors, eDist can make it happen and open up the door to new markets.

Technology is in such a high demand in every field. The vendors eDist works with provide resources that enable medical practitioners, legal and business professionals, journalists, and many more. Voice processing is a unique technology that improves workflow for so many.

Your role with eDist

eDist can enable you to become a reseller for any of their major vendors. They can help you open up new markets and new consumers so that your business becomes more lucrative. They have 40 years of experience with distributing and know how to help businesses tap into markets. All you have to do is discuss you options with them and you will soon see the opportunities.

What vendors can you become a reseller for?

  • Become a Nuance reseller
  • Become an Olympus reseller
  • Become a Philips reseller
  • Become a Dragon reseller
  • Become a Sony reseller and;
  • Become a reseller of many more through eDist

You can choose whom you want to resell for and what products to offer. It’s that easy and customizable. Whatever you believe will help you expand your markets and consumer base is what eDist can help you with. Start expanding your opportunities by speaking with an eDist representative today.